Uranium breakdown

Uranium development a sham Eastern Panorama Agnes Kgarshiing (India)  11 Oct 09

What is this ore called Uranium? Why is almost everyone keen to be the Agent of UCIL? Why is it that, even the educated, knowing its danger to life, try to fool the illiterate with deception?

This shows their greed for power and money.I never knew any thing about Physics but since my inception into social work I had to know about Uranium in lay man terms. Uranium is said to be the heaviest metal. To extract this material, sulphuric acid has to be used and from an approximate one tonne of this rock, only 2 pounds of uranium can be extracted. The rest is waste which in fact is 85% still radioactive.Whenever uranium disintegrates, it turns into a material called Protactinium which is radioactive and this in turn, turns to Thorium (Emits Gamma Rays). Then Thorium turns into Radium which then turns to Radon gas which is also radioactive and produces the Radon Daughters which are also radioactive. These multiply and are decay products………………..
The property called radioactivity means that the individual atom decays at a certain rate, emitting energy in the process, each decay, in the event results in the breakdown of the original atom into an atom of a different element and accompanied by the release of energy.Beginning with the change to Thorium 234 each atom of uranium is transformed in steps through 13 elements before becoming a stable element of lead. One element in this decay series of Uranium is a gas called Radon 222 and Radon is being formed in all uranium bearing rocks. Being a gas, Radon can seep into the mine air from rock surfaces and cracks exposed by mine openings. Normal radio active decay of Radon then continues in the mine atmosphere.
The first four daughters of Radon are believed to pose the principle threat to the health of the miners because they result in a relatively record release of Alpha energy. When a mixture of Radon and its daughters is inhaled, most of the Radon atoms are exhaled before they have time to decay. But many Radon daughters are retained in the lungs where the decay and release alpha particles which can damage living tissues……………………
In open pit mining, mines are dug and the water collected in the pits has to be let out into the hills and streams, and in the process, some of the sand that we use for construction of houses, contain Radon Gas too. Slow intake of this Radon gas can cause cancer of the lungs, breast cancer, and Uranium can cause deformity in the human body besides causing Kidney cancer while Radium causes bone cancer. That may be the reason why we suffer from all these types of cancer even though we are not in close proximity with the mining areas.
The half life of Thorium which is a gamma emitter is 80,000 years, and that of Radium, an alpha emitter is 1600 years. So the present radioactive elements will go on increasing and one can just imagine what an epidemic it would be with all the waste from tailing ponds that will multiply for thousands of years if the UCIL is allowed to go ahead with the proposed mining.
If we cross check with the Government Data (if at all it is up-to-date and correct) we will find that cancer patients and cancer related death is doubling as the radioactive elements that already exist in the environment are multiplying.
Cancer cases among Aboriginal people living near Australia’s biggest uranium mines is doubling, a study by the Federal Governments leading Indigenous Research body shows, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, of the 23rd November 2006. There have also been many Uranium Tailing disasters, in Australia, Canada and the United States, even though these countries are armed with the most “State of the Art” tailing dams.
According to the AFP news, a French physicist Bruno Chareyron of France’s CRIIRAD laboratory, which measures radioactivity in the environment, has joined representatives of indigenous peoples from Africa, Australia and the United States to send US lawmakers a stark warning about the dangers of uranium mining. He spoke in a conference in Washington DC in the month of Feb 2009 where he stated that that he wants the US lawmakers to understand that uranium mining is highly pollutant and that there is presently no scientific answer to the question of radioactive waste containment. He mentioned that the information given by mining companies is not entirely reliable.

Uranium – Development a Sham

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