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Factbox: What is uranium enrichment?

December 27, 2010

What is uranium enrichment?, Factbox, by David Cutler, 27 Dec 10, “…….WHAT IS ENRICHMENT:– Enrichment is a process of increasing the proportion of fissile isotope found in uranium ore (represented by the symbol ‘U’) to make it usable as nuclear fuel or the compressed, explosive core of nuclear weapons. (more…)

EPR nuclear reactor untested

December 6, 2010

India racing to buy an untried reactor?, The Hindu, 6 Dec 2010, “……….critics point out that the technology, which is extremely capital intensive, remains untried and the EPR has run into trouble wherever it is being built.Started in 2005, the initial completion and commissioning date for the Finnish OL3 reactor was 2009. Over the years and because of repeated delays, the reactor’s budget too has increased from €3 billion to an estimated €5.7 billion with TVO and Areva locked in bitter arbitration. The Finnish company which awarded Areva a fixed price, turn key contract for the project is claiming damages totalling some €2.7 billion. (more…)