BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine – Water Consumptiom

“Nuclear ‘once-through’ systems use about 20 to 25 per cent more water and nuclear ‘closed systems’ can use up to 83 per cent more water. Per megawatt existing nuclear power stations use and consume more water than power stations using other fuel sources. Depending on the cooling technology utilised, the water requirements for a nuclear power station can vary between 20 to 83 per cent more than for other power stations.”
– Dep of Parliamentary Services research note, 4 December 2006, no. 12, 2006–07, ISSN 1449-8456

“The Olympic Dam mining and processing operations currently use up to 35 megalitres per day of water. “it is estimated that an additional 120 Ml per day may be required for the expanded project.”

– Olympic Dam Environmental Impacts Statement, Seawater Desalination Plant Information Sheet #4, August 2006

Water consumption figures:
Nuclear: 2.3 L/ kWh
Solar (PV): 0.110 L/ kWh
Wind: 0.004 L/ kWh
(American Wind Energy Association estimate & US DOE)

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