Nuclear industry on the whole does not support thorium reactors

D. A,. RyanNovember 6th, 2011 at 13:39  The NNL lead scientist Prof. Howarth deals specifically with the LFTR here and pours cold water on it:

A pro-nuclear engineer let slip to me a while ago the real attiude of the nuke industry to Thorium. They see it as hedging their bets in case fusion proves to be harder than they thought and they don’t get commercial grade fusion plants up and running by the 2050′s. If that occurs, then that’s when Thorium (or LFTR’s) will figure. In other words, to them its a blue sky idea to sort out a future energy crisis, not the one facing us right now. This is why you see a vast gulf of a difference between pro-Thorium bloggers and the nuclear industry establishment.

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