Safety reporting procedures designed to protect the nuclear industry, not the public

Incapacitation and Protection AGAINST Truth, Blog by Jan Hemmer  June 2, 2013 by Mikkai   It is remarkable how reports always include “stress” / “fear” / “might” / “concern” / “risk” / “Danger” in their headlines and MAIN goals of reporting.

The real damage occurring moves into the background. The dead, the injured, not worth looking at, only the concern counts. This is important, especially during nuclear catastrophes (which never end), to create the illusion of an “end”, to overcome the “current situation”.

This is not about hope or strength, but to cover up, so that the Holocaust industry can live on. Nourished by the death of children, sponsored by the IAEA and the World Health Organization. I present you two instruments which are used: 1) The invention of an unethical, non-medical term: “Radiophobia” and 2) the exclusion of NGOs as alarmists. Compare everything you have read and seen with this information. Be ready to see everything in a totally new light. Even the term “stress” is today overused, for everything, as if stress is something new in human history and could be responsible for all the diseases. It’s not. Internal Emitters from Reactors are. Risk is a virtual term, which conceals existing, current, happening damage.

Experts suggest that we accept that cancer thins the ranks around us.
At the same time our experts tell us Nuclear Reactors cause no health effect.
And even the victims promote “Living with Cancer” , “my life with cancer”….
The romanticizing of murder is one of the means of repression and powerlessness.
And is imposed on the coming generations.
The same with diabetes, allergies, dead or premature birth, birth defects, autoimmune diseases, ADD, disabilities, etc…

At the same time our human emotions that are vital for life, are more and more misunderstood as aberrations. By a diabolical mechanization of our lives. Also powered by experts. That’s why we always read “risk”, “may”, “concern” – instead of REAL DAMAGE happening RIGHT NOW.

A reactor means for each country the following:

  • People do not want reactors
  • The reactors are imposed on them
  • Reactors scatter death more sophisticated (effect after Generationns) and more effective (food, soil, water) than nuclear bombs
  • People are allowed to become irradiated by reactors through dose limits (these are justified by NOTHING)
  • The people pay the reactors, although they never wanted them
    A reactor may cost 15 billion – one thousandth (15 million) is sufficient to control the press, experts, politicians
  • Few countries have mastered the fuel cycle or have the required money, or no know-how: financing, operation, and raw materials come from outside – whole nations become hostages
  • If a reactor explodes – people pay for it, the people who were NEVER wanted the reactors
    Doctors are not set in radiation biology knowledge
  • The victims pay the perpetrator
  • The perpetrator plays as a victim who badly needs more money
  • The victims even have to complain to get a single cent
  • For children with cancer by Fukushima, there is absolutely NOTHING
  • The criteria according to which a child is sick by reactors, the industry sets. NOT doctors
  • Parents who still dare to do so are persecuted and marginalized
  • In court ONLY the methodology of the perpetrator / nuclear industry counts
  • The established health ministeries rely on the Commission on Radiological Protection
  • The Radiation Protection Commission refers to the international Commission on Radiological Protection
  • The International Commission on Radiological Protection relies on the IAEA / RERF
  • The IAEA / RERF relies on the military industrial nuclear complex of five veto-wielding Security Council and the fraud Hiroshima & Nagasaki findings
  • The natural radiation was responsible for almost all mutations of evolution
    A radiation dose produced far below the dose limits emitted by reactors increases the mutation rate easily (genomic instability, point mutation)
    Almost every mutation is bad and brings only (fatal) Cons
  • The victims are even ostracized by their own fellows
  • Children and fetuses die faster, be misunderstood even by adults, who are also victims
  • The Incapacitation of the victims happens legally, by illegal (emergency) laws
  • The WHO refers to the IAEA, since 1959 (WHA 12-40 contract)
  • NGOs who are doing work (measurements, evacuation) are attacked as “panic makers” & “unpatriotic”
  • Nuclear Safety means: Safety for the Reactor, NOT the people
  • Nuclear Safety means: MORE MONEY for the Industry
  • The Devil acts as Angel (WHO, IAEA) …………

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