Vermont can show USA the way out of nuclear power and into renewable energy

Vermont Is Kicking Its Nuclear Habit—and Showing How Your State Can Too

As states shut down their nuclear power plants, they need to ramp up other low-carbon sources of energy. January 22, 2015 By  Emily Gertz is TakePart’s associate editor for environment and wildlife. Can Vermont kick its nuclear energy addiction and retain its title as the United States’ greenest state? If so, it could pave the way to a renewable power future for other states that are also shuttering their aging nuclear power plants.

California, for instance, is now closing one of its two remaining nuclear power plants while seeking to obtain half its electricity from renewable sources by 2050. In New York, Gov. Mario Cuomo opposes relicensing the Indian Point Energy Center nuclear station……

so far, few if any environmental groups have switched sides [to a pro nuclear stance]. “Given its massive capital costs, technical complexity, and international security concerns, nuclear power is clearly not a practical alternative,” stated the Natural Resources Defense Council.


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