Radiation levels in USA cities

Fukushima Update: “Your Radiation This Week, BEFORE IT’S NEWS, Dec 19 to Dec 26, 2015″ By Bob Nichols

– “Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected some people this week around the United States.
 You should compare the Rad numbers directly with the Rad numbers in with my articles listed on the VT Author’s Page here.
These are the American cities that exceeded 1,000 CPM this week. Thirty-two (32) American cities topped 1,000 CPM this week. There were Thirty-one (31) Cities last week.There are Nine American cities between 900 and 999 CPM. Unfortunately, the Rad Contagion has swelled the American cities between 900 and 999 CPM to Eighteen Cities. Stay Alert and take all appropriate precautions.
The Rad poison has spread all over the country and settled in for the long haul. The most prevalent isotope, Cesium 137, takes a daunting 600 years to decay to infinitesimal levels. It is not even particularly long-lived radiation. The Cesium will remain, though; we won’t.
ll Radiation Counts reported are partial Counts. Uncounted types of radiation include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Uncounted radiation, if added, makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous. The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last. All reporting cities are above normal. I just could not overlook Washington, DC 375 CPM subtotal Gamma and Beta for a High Rad reading. This is not even a low for the District. The low Beta only reading was 0nly 79 CPM. The benefits of living in Washington, DC are never ending and far surpass those of Normal men and women living in other cities, towns and metropolitan areas – even New York. NY City recorded a 764 CPM Radioactive High this week.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. 50 CPM is an alert level.

1,485 CPM,  297 Times Normal,  Miami, FL.  Beta, Gamma.
1,397 CPM,  279.4 Times Normal,  Little Rock, AR  Beta, Gamma.
1,387 CPM,  277.4 Times Normal,  Colorado Springs, CO.  Beta, Gamma.
1,311 CPM,  262.2 Times Normal,  Lincoln, NE  Beta, Gamma.
1,233 CPM,  246.6 Times Normal,  Omaha, NE.  Beta, Gamma.
1,226 CPM,  245.2 Times Normal,  Portland, ME  Beta, Gamma.
1,222 CPM,  244.4 Times Normal,  Spokane, WA.  Beta, Gamma.
1,208 CPM,  241.6 Times Normal,  Amarillo, TX.  Like it Never Existed
1,191 CPM,  238.2 Times Normal,  Bismark, ND.  Gamma, Beta.
1,185 CPM,  237 Times Normal,  Raleigh, NC.  Beta, Gamma.
1,178 CPM,  235.6 Times Normal,  Bakersfield, CA  Beta, Gamma.
1,162 CPM,  232.4 Times Normal,  Navajo Lake, NM  Beta, Gamma.
1,160 CPM,  232 Times Normal,  Billings, MT  Beta, Gamma.
1,153 CPM,  230.6 Times Normal,  Pierre, SD  Beta, Gamma.
1,140 CPM,  228 Times Normal,  Tucson, AZ  Beta, Gamma.
1,133 CPM,  226.6 Times Normal, Idaho Falls, ID  Beta, Gamma.
1,124 CPM,  224.8 Times Normal,  El Paso, TX.  Beta, Gamma.
1,122 CPM,  224.4 Times Normal,  Los Angeles, CA.  Beta, Gamma.
1,122 CPM,  224.4 Times Normal,  San Diego, CA.  Beta, Gamma.
1,119 CPM,  223.8 Times Normal,  Anaheim, CA.  Beta, Gamma.
1,093 CPM,  218.6 Times Normal,  Kearney, NE.  Beta, Gamma.
1,078 CPM,  215.6 Times Normal,  Worcester, MA.  Beta, Gamma.
1,060 CPM,  212 Times Normal,  Kansas City, KS  Gamma, Beta.
1,052 CPM,  210.4 Times Normal,  Louisville, KY  Beta, Gamma.
1,049 CPM,  209.8 Times Normal,  Wichita, KS.  Beta, Gamma.
1,046 CPM,  209.2 Times Normal,  San Bernardino County  Beta, Gamma.
1,044 CPM,  208.8 Times Normal,  St George, UT.  Beta, Gamma.
1,041 CPM,  208.2 Times Normal,  Oklahoma City, OK.  Beta, Gamma.
1,039 CPM,  207.8 Times Normal,  Yuma, AZ.  Beta, Gamma.
1,036 CPM,  207.2 Times Normal,  Laredo, TX.  Beta, Gamma.
1,032 CPM,  206.4 Times Normal,  Memphis, TN  Beta, Gamma.
1,029 CPM,  205.8 Times Normal,  Salt Lake City, UT. Beta, Gamma.
375 CPM,    75 Times Normal,  Washington DC  High Beta, Gamma.
79 CPM,     15.8 Times Normal,  Washington DC  Low Gamma.
Fresno, California has stopped reporting for the time being or permanently; it is not clear which. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime as a reminder, Fresno’s Five year Radioactive High was 2,504 CPM.
Most Radioactive City in America: Miami, Florida wins and is the most radioactive City in the nation this week. There is no prize. Little Rock, Arkansas is close behind in the CPM race to the end.

Baby Pulse Spikes Rad Monitors in US: ..
Yuma, Phoenix and Tucson Go High, Are Shutdown: ……
St. Louis and the Rad problem:………
Amarillo: A word about Amarillo, Texas. Since we all know what was there, there no need to go into all that. The Rad report from EPA and all the historical Rad records are totally gone, totally blown away. There is nothing left to report the Rad numbers now or in the past; the EPA records vanished overnight. The town is fine, omitting the obvious, as far as I know. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-liberal/2015/12/fukushima-update-your-radiation-this-week-dec-19-to-dec-26-2015-2519688.html

3 Responses to “Radiation levels in USA cities”

  1. Scott Carter Says:

    I measured .015mRad / hr in Salt Lake City this morning

  2. Brenda Rose Says:

    Downloaded app detect it. Traveling through Rock Run in Wirt. Co. Eva today phone flashed “extremely high radiation levels. Turned my chattering cell off on peak 380 surprised me. Extremely dense forest owned primarily Wesvaco. I got home 15 mi. Later turned phone on it sang at 192. Several friends sick and a 21 yr old has taken ill suddenly abnormality blood count decreased red blood cells.
    My question is are rising radiation levels causing the drastic alterating of weather patterns and abruptly born genetic complications?

  3. stam peden Says:

    I measured 16,000 CPM this morning in Aromas, CA. This appears to have been a spike. For the past month, the readings have averaged 12,000 every day. I have only had the detector for 1 (one) month. Isn’t this high? PLEASE – anyone out there give me your opinion. Maybe I am just bullheaded but I want to know. State Health officials have called to tell me that these readings are simply decomposing rocks. Can that be all there is to this? If so, GREAT. But are these background gammas safer than above background gammas? I do not understand. Thanks. Stam Peden, Aromas, CA

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