Dr Gordon Edwards – about Canada’s nuclear wastes

A conversation with Dr. Gordon Edwards: contemporary issues in the Canadian nuclear industry, and a look back at the achievements of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR), http://www.ccnr.org/ Montreal, August 25, 2018, DIANUKE.ORG, SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 

  1. Nuclear waste management: an exercise in cynical thinking.
  2. Private solutions for public problems.
  3. Early days: ignorance about nuclear waste.
  4. Belated realization of the problem.
  5. Barbaric plans for nuclear waste.
  6. In situ abandonment of nuclear facilities.
  7. Wrong people in charge, telling rather than consulting.
  8. The next big thing: unfeasible small modular reactors.
  9. The elusive “willing host community.”
  10. The great unknowable: long term care for nuclear waste. Who pays? Who cares?.
  11. A disturbed “undisturbed” geological formation is no longer undisturbed.
  12. Six hundred Lake Superiors needed to dilute nuclear waste to a safe level.
  13. No solution assumed.
  14. Proliferation of thousands of non-naturally occurring radioactive isotopes.
  15. Rolling stewardship.
  16. Opportunity costs of sticking with nuclear energy.
  17. Convenient disposal of a problem, no disposal of nuclear materials.
  18. What to expect from media and politicians.
  19. Victories.
  20. Cross-border activism for environmental protection.
  21. High, medium or low-level waste: similar ingredients in all of them.
  22. About the CCNR.
  23. Demystifying nuclear energy.
  24. Nuclear moratoria.
  25. Public hearings are a waste of time.
  26. Old nuclear plants are living on borrowed time.
  27. “I would do what I’m doing regardless whether it was effective or not.”
  28. Activism as scientific method: try it and see what happens.
  29. Being a conservative radical.
  30. The all-important nuclear weapons question.
  31. Propaganda battle over the film No act of God.
  32. The slowpoke journal: the short, lonely life of a district heating reactor.………….https://www.dianuke.org/a-conversation-with-dr-gordon-edwards-contemporary-issues-in-the-canadian-nuclear-industry-and-a-look-back-at-the-achievements-of-the-canadian-coalition-for-nuclear-responsibility-ccnr-http-ww/

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